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Freedom Sex and Love in Morocco

Thursday March 2 - Friday March 3 - Saturday March 4  2023

[email protected], in conjunction with INMENAS - and under the aegis of the French Embassy in Ireland and Alliance Française - are delighted to organise a three-day event in different Dublin venues , revolving around the  current situation regarding sex, gender, love and culture in today's Morocco. 

Karim Boukhari (journalist and film maker), Leila Slimani (writer and journalist) and Sonia Terrab (journalist, film maker and activist) will be in Ireland to present Moroccan Outlaws (an NGO), Sex and Lies ( a book of essays),  and Shakespeare in Casablanca as well as La Perruque  (two shorts). [Leila Slimani will be with us online]. 

Cinema, journalism and literature will be at the heart of the different conversation and events (in Alliance Française, NUI Maynooth, Outhouse...) involving Irish civil societies and activists to generate an open, neutral and informative dialogue on Morocco's sexual politics, sexual literacies and sexual cultures.

All events are in English.